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Entry #11

No More Flash

2008-10-22 13:14:20 by muflubbagon1

Yep! Sorry guys. It looks like it's finally been decided that I shall no longer be working on any flash animation projects (the only exception being 1 collab). After that collab is released, I will retire from the flash industry. Eh, I didn't have much success, only one decent animation. It was fun still, but I just don't feel I have the drive to produce animations. Sorry.

Still, I will be producing music, and the release of my second album will be out shortly, under the guise of Maximum Occupancy. I will also continue to update my website with music and pieces of literature, and also rant on my blog (Bumsen Weg!). That's all for now, bye!


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2008-10-22 15:19:14

will this collab, by any chance, be the collab that I'm thinking of starting on the PF forums?

muflubbagon1 responds:

It is indeed.


2008-11-01 20:44:19


muflubbagon1 responds:

How very dare you.


2008-11-05 14:21:26

Noooooooooooooooooooo! I like Your animations. Now Im sad :(

muflubbagon1 responds:

Aww, that's too bad.


2008-11-12 17:00:35

Aw well, I respect that your interests change, good luck with the music tho ;)

muflubbagon1 responds:

danke :)


2008-12-16 22:12:23


muflubbagon1 responds:



2008-12-20 22:04:21

nanananananananananana batman!

muflubbagon1 responds:



2009-02-26 17:17:45

WHATT! What bout grey day 4, and Blobb 2..... I HATE YOU!

muflubbagon1 responds:

lol sorry dude! i would have liked to do them, but i don't have the time or patience...


2009-06-01 13:14:56

I felt like that too about a year ago, but then I got back into it. I know you have your GCSEs coming up like me, and It's a pretty stressful time huh. Well good luck in your music!

muflubbagon1 responds:

Thanks. My music has changed now, instead of doing those crappy little electronica pieces I'm working in a metal band. Pretty cool :-)